Welcome to TruPoints® – our business development invention
Seeing is believing; a proprietary technology
A successful clinical trial can lead to enormous therapeutic benefits to society and deliver potentially generous returns for stakeholders.  For example, in one case history, a partner saw their market capitalization increase 20-fold through increased visibility into their study which allowed them to inform their decision making process, thereby creating a successful study.  The process of product development can be arduous and costly, however, and getting valid, real-time information along the way can bolster the case for future success. 
The key to taking risk out of the entire continuum – from investment through clinical trials to marketing success – is the ability to see and proactively react to results, thereby actively managing outcomes.
To help both biotech companies and potential marketing partners find common ground, Prevail Partners has adopted the patented platforms of Prevail InfoWorks Inc. to offer a unique tool for sponsors to make their case to investors and potential partners.
The key is seeing it dynamically as it is ongoing.

TruPoints is a patented solution that is..

  1. Strategic
    TruPoints is a unique technology with the capability of connecting companies and potential strategic partners in a risk-mitigated and dynamic environment.
  2. Secure
    TruPoints values security and confidentiality and, thus, has appropriate, password protected, blinded, role-based access.
  3. Smart
    TruPoints provides tailored, multi-dimensional views of vital business and clinical information , allowing for greater insight and actionable intelligence.
  4. Business Savvy
    TruPoints gives sponsors a means, and the information to back it up, to engage potential strategic partners.
  5. Agile
    TruPoints facilitates a comprehensive business plan that allows for an unprecedented agility in the industry, where monetization is redefined.
  6. An Accelerator
    With TruPoints, and its associated technologies, the review process is sped up vastly - not to mention newsflow and other milestone and catalytic events for value inflection.
Avoid the line with Build-to-Suit
Advance assets in a risk-mitigated and separate clinical and non-clinical infrastructure to avoid being a part of the masses once concepts are proved and assets advanced.
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